Finding the Path of Love

  One-Self is the destination for whom wishes to be in the New World of Love and Peace – the historic happening of birthing Earth in a new conception and vision of that… Continue reading

How to achieve Ascension

Knowing within oneself is the passageway to Ascension. Light is knowledge. Light is Love. It is there to make the choice to BE with LIGHT and LOVE and KNOWING I am here to… Continue reading

Reverse Soul-ar System

As The Sun and The Planets, Are We In True Form. Lovers One, Yet Seeming Apart. Elements of One Flow When In Our Right Way, Separate and Opposite, When Lost Is The Way.… Continue reading


    Current Earth events and changes occur over a period of time. It has been established as form of Creative Force that Mother Earth will ascend within Universal guidelines. This is the… Continue reading

Light is Knowledge

Light is the form of the Knowing. Knowing is being in the LIGHT. This form is to be achieved by bringing about your form in the WISH to become of the knowing to… Continue reading

Love is what is

    Love is written and spoken about. The LOVE I speak about is the current influx of the ones of heavenly realm bringing and setting you into the place WHERE YOU are… Continue reading

How to achieve

  Knowing is wanting to ~ I AM ALWAYS IN THE KNOWING WHAT IS RELEVANT TO ME.   Declare it and say it with your heart if it is within your personal wish… Continue reading

Earth is changing

    Ascension is the event to take place in mother Earth as well as in the human race. It is of knowing that it has to be done by offering true knowing… Continue reading

Dear Ones

Dear Ones, once more in the mean to assist YOU to process the current changes I AM to love and to bring LIGHT.   Maitreya Office of the Christ Ascended Master   My… Continue reading

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